Features & Benefits

Get into better shape, lose weight, or just maintain a comfortable fitness level with Athlink. Use our database of circuits to get started quickly; or create your own workout by combining exercises from our database of over 1400. With Athlink you can push yourself as hard as you like while keeping track of your personal progress. Regular exercise lowers the risk of early death by 20% and reduces the risk of major illnesses like diabetes and cancer by 50%. ~National Health Services - UK


Design your own workout or associate your Athlink account to the coach, personal trainer or physical therapist of your choice and let them design and manage your workout for you. You can also move from coach-to-personal trainer-to-physical therapist with ease and as often as you like.

Activity Database:

Build your workout with instant access to over 1400 available activity choices including exercises, stretches, skills and yoga poses.Each activity Includes example videos and detail. If an exercise or activity is not in the database, it can be added quickly and easily.

Private Circuit Library:

Workouts that you create are saved and remain available for use in your private circuit library. Quickly and easily activate and deactivate circuits in your routine to keep boredom out and make workouts fresh and enjoyable.

Public Circuit Library:

If you’re not sure where to start, use our publicly available suggested workouts and make them your own. The public circuit library contains circuits created and shared by personal trainers, coaches and other athletes. You can also share a workout with your friends and family by making the circuits you create part of the public library too.

Skills Measurement:

To help you progress in personal fitness, keep track of your basic skill measurements, goals and progress for skills like vertical jump, speed and strength as well as your personal attributes like height, weight and body fat %.

Mobile App:

Take your workout with you by downloading the Athlink app which provides:

  • Daily workout assignments
  • Individual exercise detail including time, weight, distance, sets, reps, and rest time
  • How to video link for each exercise, skill or stretching activity
  • Ordered circuits and exercises for maximum workout benefit
PRICING: Only $5/Year