Features & Benefits

Only 30% of physical therapy patients fully complete their plan of care because they can’t remember how to do the rehabilitation exercises they are given after they leave the clinic. Athlink has the tools to help patents respond to treatment better and recover more quickly because they are given clear, concise steps for each assigned exercise complete with how-to examples and detail, all in the palm of their hand. Physical Therapists use our extensive database to assign recovery exercises and get a history of how many times the patient completed those assignments between visits.

Sports Program Injury Collaboration:

Recieve injury notification from the parents or coaching staff and communicate regularly with them during athlete recovery.

Quick Access to Emergency Contact Information

Athlink stores an athletes emergency contact, insurance info, allergies, and current medical conditions and provides instant access as needed.

Automated Injury Notification

Athlink connects you to the parents and coaching staff when an athlete is injured with built in notification tools that...

  • Allows you to notify the coaching staff and parents if an athlete is injured.
  • Provides real time notification to you when an Athlete is injured during practice or a game.
  • Provides real time notification if an athlete goes to an injury management office of the school.
  • During recovery, provides you with tools to update the parents and coaching staff regarding recovery progress.
  • Provides notification to parents and coaching staff when clearances to play are acheived along with any restrictions that might be in place.

Activity Database:

Build care plans with instant access to over 1400 available activity choices including exercises, stretches, skills and yoga poses. Each activity includes example videos and detail. If an exercise or activity is not in the database, it can be added quickly and easily.

Private Exercise Library:

Care plans that you create are saved and remain available for use by other patients that are under your care.

Public Exercise Library:

Publish your care plans and share them with other therapists and sport coaches you work with.

Skills Measurement:

Keep track of basic skill measurements, goals and progress for measurements like rotation, mobility and strength as well as patient attributes like height, weight and age.

Mobile App:

Downloadable Athlink mobile app for the athlete provides:

  • Daily workout assignments
  • Individual exercise detail including time, weight, distance, sets, reps, and rest time
  • How to video link for each exercise, skill or stretching activity
  • Ordered circuits and exercises for maximum workout benefit
  • Care plan status and reporting to the therapist dashboard


Initiate reminders to the patient based on workout status received.

Patient Reassignment:

Move patients from group-to-group within the same organization or to another organization altogether.

Injured Player Tracking:

Accept automatically transferred injured players from coaches and manage rehabilitation exercise and stretching assignments. After the athlete completes their care plan, clear them for play and automatically transfer them back to the team they came from.

Patient Management:

Manage active and inactive patients on multiple groups under your care.
PRICING: As low as $25/Group/Year