Overview ofFeatures & Benefits

Use Athlink to monitor a team or individual player’s physical conditioning. Keep track of basic skill improvements and create conditioning &drill routines before, during, and after the season. Athlink is designed to give both the coach and the athlete what they need to be accountable to one another and work together to improve the coach, the team, and the player.

Coach Collaboration:

Head coach and assistant coaches team up to manage team and player conditioning.

Activity Database:

Instant access to over 1400 available choices including exercises, stretches, skill sand yoga poses. Includes example videos and detail. If an exercise or activity is not in the database, it can be added quickly and easily.

Private Circuit Library:

Workouts that coaches create are saved and remain available for use by other teams and players managed by the coach.

Public Circuit Library:

Publicly available suggested workouts per sport and position created by certified trainers and coaches for use by other coaches.

Workout Segregation:

Separate areas to build workouts for the team and for the individual player makes it easy to assign and combine full team and player workouts.

Skills Measurement:

Keep track of basic skill measurements, goals and progress for vertical jump, speed and strength as well as player attributes like height, weight and wing span.

Mobile App:

downloadable Athlink mobile app for the athlete provides:

  • Daily workout assignments
  • Individual exercise detail including time, weight, distance, sets, reps, and rest time
  • How to video link for each exercise, skill or stretching activity
  • Ordered circuits and exercises for maximum workout benefit
  • Workout status and reporting to the coach dashboard


Initiate reminders to the athlete based on workout status received.

Player Reassignment:

Move players from team-to-team within the same organization or to a team in another organization altogether.

Injured Player Tracking:

Transfer injured players to team associated trainers and physical therapists for rehabilitation exercise and stretching assignments. When the trainer clears the athlete for play, they are automatically transferred back to the team they came

Roster management:

Manage active and inactive players on multiple teams under the same coach.
PRICING: As low as $25/Team/Year