Features & Benefits

Participate in your child’s athletic development and give them the best chance to stay injury free by using our sport and position specific workout and drill routines. Athlink helps your athlete learn the basics of their position, and through conditioning and repetition, prepares them to build on that foundation.

Quick Access to Emergency Contact Information for Coaching Staff (School Managed)

Athlink stores your athletes emergency contact, insurance info, allergies, and current medical conditions and provides instant access to the coaching staff in the event your athlete is injured. Must be coach managed.

Automated Injury Notification (School Managed)

Athlink connects you to the coaching staff and injury management team when your athlete is injured with built in notification tools that...

  • Allow you to notify the coaching staff and injury management team if your athlete is injured.
  • Provides real time notification to you when your Athlete is injured during practice or a game.
  • Provides real time notification if your athlete goes to the athletic trainer or injury management office of the school.
  • During recovery, provide you with updates from the injury management team regarding recovery progress.
  • Provides notification when clearances to play are acheived along with any restrictions that might be in place.


Design your athlete’s workout or associate them to the coach, personal trainer or physical therapist of your choice and let them design and manage a workout for you. Move your athlete from coach-to-coach or to a physical therapist with ease and as often as you like.

Mobile App:

Help motivate and coach your athlete and ensure proper form during workout assignments by downloading and installing the Athlink mobile app. Athlink Mobile provides:

  • Daily workout assignments
  • Individual exercise detail including time, weight, distance, sets, reps, and rest time
  • How to video link for each exercise, skill or stretching activity
  • Ordered circuits and exercises for maximum workout benefit

Activity Database:

Build workouts with instant access to over 1400 available activity choices including exercises, stretches, skills and yoga poses. Each activity Includes example videos and detail. If an exercise or activity is not in the database, it can be added quickly and easily.

Public Exercise Library:

If you’re not sure where to start, use our publicly available suggested workouts and get your athlete started. The public circuit library contains circuits created and shared by personal trainers and coaches.

Skills Measurement:

Help your athlete improve by tracking their basic measurements, goals and progress for skills like vertical jump, speed and strength as well as their personal attributes like height, weight and body fat %.
PRICING: Only $5 per year